Item #42593 [IF THE SHOE] FITS MAGAZINE - #2. Robert Creeley Allen Ginsberg, Joe Brainard, The Cockettes, Audre Lorde, Diane di Prima, Contributors, Cover Art.


Edited (Allen Ginsberg, Robert Creeley, Diane di Prima, Audre Lorde, The Cockettes, Joe Brainard, et al., Contributors) Bill Griffith (Cover Art)

With front and back covers by Bill Griffith (author of Zippy). A poetry and literature magazine with an interesting roster of contributors, including a sexually explicit Nancy comic from Bill Berkson and Joe Brainard, as well as poetry from Lewis McAdams, Audre Lorde (!), an anonymous interview about the Attica prison riots, a contribution from the Cockettes, and other works of poetry and visual art.

Very good.

Price: $125.00