Image of Several Gift Wrapped Packages 

Like the idea of a rare or collectible book as a gift, but don’t know where to start? We offer the following gift services:

Gift Wrap

Simply select the gift wrap option at checkout. You can include any particular requests in the "Comments" section of the order screen.


Gift Certificates

We currently offer gift certificates via phone (301-589-0789) or email (info at Just send us a note if you'd like to obtain one.


Handwritten Cards

We offer the option of including a handwritten card with your chosen message on high quality handmade paper. 


Complete Documentation

All Type Punch Matrix purchases come with the full catalogue description of the item, issued on our company letterhead on specially watermarked paper. This description includes all the details you see online on an individual item’s page (including the information in the “Story” button and the “Object” button), but with the price removed. Your recipient can keep it for full documentation of their rare book.


Optional Invoice

If you note the purchase as a gift at checkout, we will also ask if you want a paper invoice included in the package (which is our standard practice) — as you may want to waive this if the gift is sent directly to the recipient. 


Proper Care and Handling Card 

All books sold as gifts will also come with a custom printed card listing the basic rules for storing and handling rare books. If your recipient is new to rare books, this card will provide all the information they need to feel comfortable as that book’s new caretaker.


Sample of the front of our Care and Handling card that comes with every gift package 

Shipping Deadlines

Please see our Holiday Shipping page for detailed information on deadlines, recommendations, etc.


Personalized Service

Please email us (info at if your intended recipient has specific interests. We can provide tailored recommendations in all price ranges and all genres, as well as guide you through any practical questions like shipping timelines, storage and presentation, and choosing the right copy for the occasion. 

For inspiration, here are a few of our favorite gift categories:

Classics of Children’s Literature 

Front cover of Charlie and Chocolate Factory

Beautifully Leather Bound Volumes

Spines of Jane Austen set

Books Made Into Films

Top front cover of SHAFT

Christmas-Themed Collectible Books

Interior book image showing Santa on his sleigh

Cookbooks & Cocktail Books

Frontispiece detail of cookbook showing desserts in color 

Turn-Of-The-Century Publisher’s Cloth Bindings

Red pictorial cloth with gilt flower accents

Our Curated Gift Selections

front cover of Dharma Bums by Jack Kerouac