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"The figure’s gently-tilted head, introspective hand gesture, and the geometric constellation of various hues in pastel tones somehow speaks to Plath’s complex rendition of the human psyche in poetry."

GALERIE magazine covered our Sylvia Plath exhibition at this year's New York Antiquarian Book Fair, as did ARTNET, LITHUB, THE NEW YORK TIMES, and the Associated Press. Meanwhile, OUT featured our copy of THE GAY COOKBOOK.


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“I found myself having to type it out five or six times a day.” 

So says TPM's Allie Alvis about explaining why you shouldn't handle rare books with white gloves in this NYT article debunking the persistent myth.


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“This isn’t a rarefied environment. This is for everyone.”

The WASHINGTONIAN profiled TPM and co-founders Rebecca Romney and Brian Cassidy for their February 2023 issue.


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"[C]ollecting can be 'an exercise in autobiography.'"

TPM co-founder Rebecca Romney joins many of our friends and colleagues in Kate Dwyer's recent report "Meet the New Old Book Collectors" — focusing on the "young enthusiasts [...] helping to shape the future of an antique trade."


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"A window into her process in a completely unexpected place..."

Gabriel Alizondo of Al Jazeera English interviewed (1:40) TPM co-founder Rebecca Romney about The Amy Winehouse Collection, which debuted at the 2022 New York International Antiquarian Book Fair. This collection of almost 230 books, which formerly belonged to the legendary singer-songwriter, also received coverage in ViceThe New York Times, BBC NewsLit Hub, Happy Mag, and elsewhere.


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30 Luxe Gifts You Can Still Overnight 

Rebecca Malinsky of the Wall Street Journal featured our first edition set of Winnie the Pooh, the first volume signed by both A.A. Milne and E.H. Shepard, for their last-minute holiday guide of "30 luxurious, work-smart-not-hard gift ideas." 


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"He was sort of telling a story about human wonder."

Dan Barry interviewed Type Punch Matrix co-founder Brian Cassidy about Ricky Jay's book collection.  


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"Every business is in essence a hypothesis."

Our co-founder Brian Cassidy was selected as one of DISTRICT FRAY Magazine's "52 Trailblazers Rewrit[ing] The Rules of Business" for their October 2021 issue.  

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“They are brilliantly executed: Each card is itself a miniature story. The tone maintains a striking balance between optimism and tongue-in-cheek self awareness.”

Artnet profiles our set of Jean-Marc Côté's YEAR 2000 cards.


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WaPo book columnist Michael Dirda features our limited edition publication, THE ROMANCE NOVEL IN ENGLISH: "a pioneering overview of a somewhat neglected collecting field, one that embraces “Pride and Prejudice,” nurse stories, Harlequin and Heartline titles, lesbian-themed paperback originals and paranormal adventures, among much else."

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"To say that finding an original previously unknown draft of major American work of literature is unusual is certainly an understatement.”

Amanda Bartlett at writes about co-founder Brian Cassidy's recent discovery of a previously unknown typescript of Allen Ginsberg's defining poem "Howl." 

The Guardian, LitHub, The Washington PostFine Books and Collections, and even the Allen Ginsberg Estate also covered the story.


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"[T]he current Seuss rush strikes me as both psychologically compelling and logically unrealistic."

Co-founder Rebecca Romney points out the madness of crowds in this interview with Newsweek, during a spike in Dr. Seuss prices based in a misplaced fear of scarcity: "It's a resale hurricane right now, but this chaos will pass."


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